Buying Procedure

Procedure for purchasing paintings:

1. Please select the desired painting(s) and add them to the quotation list.

2. Kindly fill in the Quotation Request form and submit it.

3. We strongly advise you to communicate with us directly via video conference to establish proof of painting and discuss shipping details, preferably using Botim due to limitations and laws set by the government communication bureau in UAE. (For more information and downloads, please visit:

4. Uruk Arts will provide the buyer a quotation that includes the price of the painting(s) and shipping costs based on the buyer’s requests. All paintings have canvas frames. Some paintings have decorative frames. Be advised that extra weight will cost more when shipping paintings.

5. After approval of the quotation, Uruk Arts will provide the buyer an invoice that includes bank payment wire transfer details.

6. Once the wire payment has been received, Uruk Arts will provide the buyer with a receipt and shipping details (For example: Airway bill number, tracking number, etc.)